Product Categories

  • Air Care

    Air Care (6)

    Air care products can be added to cleaning solutions. Provide an olfactory pleasant and clean smell to your work areas.
  • Carpet Care

    Carpet Care (10)

    Chemical products for cleaning carpets, removing stains, and extracting embedded soil and dirt
  • Degreasers

    Degreasers (8)

    Concentrated and effective cleaners and degreasers
  • Dilution Control

    Dilution Control (17)

    Chemical cleaning products that can easily be dispensed and controlled with a dispenser for maximum cost savings and effectiveness.
  • Disinfectants

    Disinfectants (10)

    Disinfectant products for hospitals, institutions, industrial & schools.
  • EDS easy dilution solution

    EDS easy dilution solution (7)

    Bright Solutions' easy dilution solution consists of two innovative dilution control systems that work right out of the box. The 3 liter dispenser bottle is portable, hand-held and requires no cabinets to install or maintain. The quart "squeeze and pour" bottle accurately and easily measures product every time!
  • Environmentally Responsible Products

    Environmentally Responsible Products (20)

    Environmentally safe green products that are effective and tested.
  • FlexMax Packaging

    FlexMax Packaging (8)

    FlexMaxTM Packaging is a flexible packaging option that is lighter weight than pails, collapsible and reduces material and shipping costs. The easy-to-use space saving design allows 33% more product per pallet. The process involves fewer greenhouse gas emissions versus rigid container, effecting a smaller carbon footprint.

    See for yourself just how much easier floor care can be with FlexMax Packaging. Visit

  • Floor Care

    Floor Care (23)

    Products for floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Food Service

    Food Service (13)

    Products for cleaning food contact surfaces. Disinfectants and cleaners for food service establishment.
  • General Cleaning

    General Cleaning (19)

    Cleaning products for general use purposes.
  • Hand Care

    Hand Care (7)

    Antibacterial cleaners and conditioners. Formulated to be gentle to skin. Works in dispensers.
  • Laundry

    Laundry (4)

    Detergents and other chemicals for cleaning laundry.
  • Restroom Care

    Restroom Care (13)

    Products for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the restroom area.
  • Specialty Products

    Specialty Products (5)

    Products range from bioenzymatic cleaners and digesters to odor neutralizers, oil polish and cleaners for different types of surfaces and textures.
  • Transportation

    Transportation (3)

    Products made to keep your vehicles clean, shiny and protected.
  • Warewash

    Warewash (9)

    Products specially designed to clean and sanitize kitchen wares and food utensils, bowls, and plates.